Spring Cleaning


I was cleaning out my mahogany dresser the other day, my usual seasonal cleaning

Uncovering clothes that had been folded and tucked away within the crevices of the drawers and forgotten about

Re-discovering the stained, crumpled up body-con dress that I had worn only once and forgotten about its existence soon after

That same dress was the one I had worn the very first time you laid eyes on me,

“Love at first sight,” you called it.

That was approximately 3 years and 5 months from today

But now that dress is no longer the same flirty, flattering, form-fitting dress

Instead the shades of flamboyant fuchsia have faded

No longer fabulous or fashionable, full of crinkles and wrinkles, worn and torn

& you are forgotten forevermore.

– Rawnak Mahjabib



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