I shut my eyes and dream about the curl of your dangerous smile beckoning me to come closer,

about the curve of your tempting, plump lips, naturally as pink as cotton candy, calling my name with a warm, inviting embrace to lock our lips together

about the way you mischievously bite your luscious lower lip making you all the more flattering,

“Can I kiss you?” You asked cautiously awaiting my approval to proceed

I smirked ’cause I was flattered, I find you incredibly attractive, I was lusting for you.

I laughed ’cause I had been waiting for you to ask, but was too shy to express it first

You didn’t have to ask; I wanted to kiss you long before you sought my permission

My heart fluttered as you inched closer and closer to my face, as I got more entranced

by your defined facial features, by the beauty mark perfectly placed right below your lower lip

A tremor of excitement ran through me as soon as our lips touched, I felt it run down my spine.

In that moment, I knew I was hooked

I would continue to long for the taste of your lips

continue to long for you,

for you to be here,

close by my side.

My lips miss yours.

– Rawnak Mahjabib